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MRstudios© MRstudios

21. - 22. 6. od 14 do 16 hod

MRstudios Showroom, Thamova 166/18a, 186 00 Praha 8

Registrace: kirsten@MRstudios.eu

Prohlídky budou probíhat v angličtině.

Kapacita: max. 12 účastníků z řad středoškoláků/vysokoškoláků od 16 let

MRstudios - Discover Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

Are you graduating soon and considering which direction matches your interest for creativity, IT, engineering and communication? Or: Are you already studying and wondering how marketing and engineering solutions of the future will look like?

MRstudios is a dynamic, international company that develops 3D real-time marketing solutions for leading companies in the manufacturing sector across Europe. During your visit, you will receive a demonstration of modern marketing tools (don’t be afraid to try our VR goggles!), how they interlink with actual machines, and receive insights into job opportunities of the future.

You can end your day with a refreshing drink on our roof terrace. Our multinational team looks forward to meeting you!


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