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Ready for the 21st century? – How to keep the rural Czech-German borderlands thriving


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Discussion evening
Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.
German Embassy Prague, Vlašská 19, Praha 1

The Humboldt Club Czech Republic in cooperation with the German Embassy Prague invites you to an interdisciplinary discussion:

Ready for the 21st century? – How to keep the rural Czech-German borderlands thriving

How can digitalization encourage the development of rural areas? How suitable are rural areas for the development, testing and scaling of new services? What is the role of development agencies? And how can landscape influence the creation of a shared cooperation space?


Wolfgang Dorner, professor for geospatial computing and head of the Institute of Applied Informatics at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT)

Rut Bízková, former Minister of Environment of the Czech Republic, former director of the Central Bohemian Innovation Center (SIC)

Klára Salzmannlandscape architect and researcher, Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University (CTU); author of the book ‘Renewal of Czech-German border landscape’

Moderator: David Vaughan, writer and broadcaster


The borderlands of the Czech Republic and Germany are in many ways a symbolic region. Between 1938 and 1948 the area became a stage for the Central European tragedy of the 20th century. Afterwards a part of this region was split by an almost impenetrable Iron Curtain. Still, shared culture, shared hardships and the beautiful but rough nature left an impact on life on both sides of the border.

Nowadays, the regions face serious challenges related to their demographic development, the structure of local economy and the increasingly difficult access to services, culture and education.

The interdisciplinary discussion aims to describe the current situation of the Czech-German borderlands and to investigate opportunities for their sustainability. We will look at technological solutions, political approaches and the link between landscape and community development.

About the Humboldt Club: Humboldt Club Czech Republic is an alumni organisation of the Humboldt research fellowship and research award holders in the Czech Republic. For more information about the Humboldt Foundation please visit www.humboldt-foundation.de.

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